Travel and Photography

Introducing Travel and Photography

Vivid Colors - Travel and Photography 01Do you like travel and photography? We at Oltenia Foto are thankful for people like you who like to take pictures and enjoy the best things in life. Colors, textures, shades, tones and great amounts of contrast make our lives richer and more enjoyable. I realized my love for color watching movies like Oceans 11 – the newer one. How old do you think I am? I also learned of my love for color visiting countries like Mexico, India, Egypt, Russia and Greece. There are so many great colors to discover in the world and so few regularly used. Uniformity has often been the call of the mediocre. Do you know the literal meaning of mediocre? It means a mid-range ochre. Ochre is a pale yellow so as far as color goes mediocre is about as bland as you can get. It’s far from vibrant and far from the pleasure one finds when one is enjoying travel and photography.

A Photo Charge

So, get out there and enjoy traveling the world. Find your bliss in a deep auburn sunset, capture it with your cell phone or SLR camera. Don’t let the moments fade to that ochre that once used to destroy our family photos but now is easily postponed with quality digital printing. Keep up your travel and photography and you may help yourself avoid the painful decay of our limited memories. We focus on so many things each day that it is easy to forget even the most vivid of memories.

Bon Voyage! Don’t forget your camera!