This is a photo gallery put together by the Oltenia Foto Family. If you’re interested in more great pictures then you’ll want to bookmark our site and check in from time to time. Our photo gallery will be updated as new and fresh content comes to our digital store. You may note that some of the images we share are not photographs at all but rather are digitally created images. Whatever we share is photo related but not everything in our photo gallery is going to be a photograph.

We like the medium of photography as a material in the finished product and we see most digital images are either the reproduction of a photograph or directly created from the modification of a photograph. If you disagree feel free to leave us some comments on our forum page. We’re not prone to respond as we are busy taking and making photographic and travel images. We like to travel and we wish that photography was a medium that captured more than just the images of our travels but also the very spirit of the cultures we get to see. The tastes, smells and sense of newness and wonder that comes when one is visiting a new place would be awesome to include in a photograph.

Travel Photography

Some of the most interesting photographs come when we’re doing something outside of our regularly scheduled events. We like to get people to engage in photography by showing them new places and introducing them to interesting events. Adventures can seem so much more dangerous when a photograph is properly framed. We hope you will enjoy the extremes that photography can bring you. We like photos. Do you like photos? If you do like to take pictures with your family then you’ll like our site. Enjoy the gallery, it is meant to get you thinking and stimulate your creative juices.

Photo Gallery